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St John's P.S Gilford

Taking an Accelerated Reading Star Reading Test

12th Jan 2021

We are delighted to see that so many pupils have been engaging in their Accelerated Reading Programme whilst working from home. At the beginning of this new term we need all pupils in P.4-7 to take a STAR READING TESTas lots of children have exceeded their targets from last term. By taking this test, the results will allow us to set new targets to work towards and adjust the children's reading levels.
The Star Reading Test is designed to help find the reading level that you will most likely be successful at.
In order to take a test from home, please follow the instructions below and take the test by Tuesday 19th January.
Many Thanks!

Instructions for Pupils to take Star Reading Test for Accelerated Reader

1. Go to

2. Click I am a student

3. Login using your accelerated reading username and password details. If you have forgotten or lost your details, please send your teacher a message on seesaw and they will help you.

4. Before logging in, make sure you will not need to be disturbed or have to leave the computer until the test is finished if possible. Make sure to do the test in a quiet place where you can concentrate fully. This will help you to do the best you can in this test.

5. Click STAR READING (Blue Box).

6. You will be asked for an Authorisation Password, please type in the word admin then click START.

7. The test will then begin.

8. Read each question carefully and think before answering. Remember questions are time limited.

9. If there is an emergency and you really have to stop the test then click the stop test at the top right of the screen.

10. Good luck!