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St John's P.S Gilford

Ulster GAA Coaching Videos

29th May 2020

Ulster GAA KS2 coaches have put together a series of coaching videos aimed at KS1 & KS2 children. Over the next 5 weeks, beginning today, Tuesday 19 May, they will be releasing these videos on the Ulster GAA YouTube channel

Ulster GAA YouTube Channel

KS1 Lesson Plan 1

KS1 Lesson Plan 1 - Rolling and pick up

KS1 Lesson Plan 2

KS1 Lesson Plan 1 - Bouncing

KS2 Lesson Plan 1

KS2 Lesson Plan 1 - Time to practice the solo skill

KS2 Lesson Plan 2

KS2 Lesson Plan 2 - The Pick Up/Crouch Lift